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Learn code from scratch based on innovative methodology!

Shattering the traditional concepts of learning and showing what you're really capable of!

Learn code from scratch based on innovative methodology!

Ucode uniqueness

Dive into real-life work environment from the day one

Dive into real-life work environment from the day one

We create programs with IT industry giants - Cisco, ITernal, Ubisoft, SQUAD

We create programs with IT industry giants - Cisco, ITernal, Ubisoft, SQUAD

We teach like Apple and Google

We teach like Apple and Google

Instead of lectures and teachers we have mentors from partner companies

Instead of lectures and teachers we have mentors from partner companies

We do not promise an easy way, but we guarantee high quality of knowledge

We do not promise an easy way, but we guarantee high quality of knowledge

Our Programs

Front-end world


Partner ITernal Group

Learning features

Challenge Based Learning

In simple terms, each successive task is more difficult than the previous one. The further the student goes, the more difficult and fascinating the tasks become. CBL is practiced at Apple - for those who are just mastering the programming profession.


This approach is used at Google. Don't know anything? There is always a student who knows. The constant exchange of information teaches you to remember what you've learned better and to work as a team.

100% of practice

We have discarded boring lectures with a lot of unnecessary theory. All the knowledge obtained is immediately used in practice, and tasks are based on real cases of IT companies.

"Developer" starter pack

In addition to knowledge of the code, a good specialist has the skills of self-presentation, English, understand the stages and features of creating projects - these and other skills, students can additionally develop in ucode.

How will the academy help a student find employment?

In the process of training, we hold workshops, lectures, and consultations with an experienced HR-specialist. You learn how to write a resume and behave at an interview so that even an overzealous recruiter will like you.

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Testimonials about the academy

Yurii Lebid

Yurii Lebid ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Yurii Lebid 28.01.2021

Passed the full program from Ucode. Having passed the IoT branch, I got enough knowledge and experience for me to be interested in employers (GlobalLogic). During my studies I met a lot of cool guys, iron enthusiasts. Learned how to solve complicated tasks on my own, and how to solve a problem in a team. Very grateful to Ucode staff


Sasha Stanyslavsky

Sasha Stanyslavsky ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Sasha Stanyslavsky 21.01.2021

ucode is one of the best places I’ve ever been. I entered the very first intake and at the moment I am already doing an internship in one of the companies. Here, in addition to knowledge, I have met a lot of good, smart, and interesting people and made new friends. And if you are lucky you can meet business partners) It’s exactly the place where you wake up in the morning and go with pleasure. And of course, for the sake of what actually all go here – knowledge. Yes, I’m not going to lie, it all depends on you. If you want to learn – you’ll learn, there are all conditions for that. But no one will run after you and make you do the same. Total freedom, effective peer-to-peer training is about ucode. As I said at the moment I already have an internship with one of the companies, you can find my complete training history on the ucode website.


Yaroslav Stepanenko

Yaroslav Stepanenko ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Yaroslav Stepanenko 15.01.2021

Enrolled in August 2019 in the C Track program and then in the direction of web development. Chose this place because of the unique training system. Currently working as a front-end developer. The place is very cool and comfortable)) The community is very friendly and helpful. Most of all I liked the method of training. At that time I was studying at the university and it was unusual for me, but it turned out to be very effective). I met and made friends with a lot of good people here)). The place is very inspiring.


Tatyana Rogalskaya

Tatyana Rogalskaya ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Tatyana Rogalskaya 08.01.2021

Ucode is a fairly good program, which by its methods is close to the real conditions at work. The training is based on Challenge Based Learning. The intensity is very high, if you try hard and spend your nerves and health, you can squeeze 2-3-4 years program of regular courses or universities into one year here, but you have to work really hard 💪😌. Gives in-depth knowledge of programming from the very basics. Programs were developed by partner companies in today’s IT market. I’ve been studying the program for a year and have a very positive impression) not the least plus that ucode is also a community, here you get free gym, mafia on Thu and Fri, table tennis and volleyball tournaments, consoles, free seminars and meetings, constant entertaining events, English courses and much more) join in, it will be fun 😉


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What does it take to learn in ucode?

What does it take to learn in ucode?

Have a desire

We have students from 18 to 56 years old inside our LMS and we have not yet had to refuse tuition because of their age.


Recommended English level – Intermediate

All study materials, tasks, and the system interface are in English. To check your level, take the test.

If your level does not meet the requirements, contact the ucode team.


I pay money but study on my own ?

Every student from the first day begins to learn the way programmers work: to solve complex problems, work in a team, use communication tools such as Slack, Zoom, Discord. The academy helps to structure the learning process: to understand the way you will master your specialization, to highlight the most important, and to leave secondary and irrelevant information.

Students get the opportunity to get a job in one of the partner companies with which study programs were developed: Ajax Systems, SQUAD, Ubisoft, Cisco, ITernal Group – top-tier international companies.

In order to adjust the learning process, each group works with mentors – developers from partner companies. Tasks are checked by other students or by an automatic checking system.

When you start working, you do not face the “expectation – reality”, but quickly get used to and adapt to working conditions, because we have built the system so that you immediately use new information in practice.

How can I combine studying at ucode with work or university?

Each student has their own work schedule, lifestyle, and effective hours. Therefore, you can learn any time, 24/7 in our LMS. Thus, It’s not that hard to find the balance between ucode and your university.

What is the minimum age to join the program?

18 full years.

What level of English is required for successful completion of the program?

Recommended English language level — Intermediate.

All materials, tasks, and interfaces of the education system are provided in English. To test your level, try this test. If your level does not meet the recommendations, contact the ucode team.

What payment methods are available to students?

You can pay with these payment methods:

  • Any viable credit/debit card (both Mastercard and Visa)
  • Through Google and Apple payment systems
  • Masterpass service and Visa Checkout