Become a programmer at the modern academy!

Unique methodology: Apple framework and Peer-to-Peer
A modern location with iMac 27 '' at the UNIT.City
You may set your own study schedule

IT-education with ucode:

Career counseling

during the program “A programmer job”

Challenge Based Learning
– framework for learning while solving real-world challenges

Peer-to-peer method
develops teamwork skills

A modern campus with Apple iMac 27” in UNIT.City

IT-professionals and businessmen

Practical knowledge,
necessary for modern IT-sphere

01 counseling
02 methodology
03 Peer education
04 a modern campus
05 IT speakers
06 knowledge

ucode methodology

Challenge Based Learning

Framework initiated by Apple

Real-world challenge-based learning. During the educational process students identify the real-world problems and find ways to solve it (alone or in teams).

Intensive program

16 months & 4 stages

After finishing the program you will get programming skills, soft skills, entrepreneurial skills, product mindset. According to the methodology, after every educational stage, we have a screening process.

Peer-to-peer learning


In addition to programming skills, teamwork is important in IT-sphere. During the educational process, students exchange experiences and evaluate each other's results, what makes education more effective.


Students pass stages and earn points

Gamification makes the educational process more dynamic and effective for knowledge acquisition and necessary skills development.

ucode IT academy available programs

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ucode IT academy available programs

A programmer job:
16 months before the IT career start

From the programming basics on the 1st stage to the great team IT-project in the end of the program.

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Front-end developer:
think as a designer, act as a programmer.

Just 4,5 months - and you'll develop user-friendly interfaces of websites, web services, as well as apps.

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Starts October 12, 2020

A programmer job

A programmer job

  • 16 months and 4 stages;
  • Сareer counseling;
  • 10+ projects for your CV or portfolio;
  • Languages and technologies: C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, Web, IoT;
  • Product mindset: create projects according to the users` needs and business goals;
  • Lectures of the IT-specialists, businessmen and coaches;
  • Soft skills development: the teamwork, presentation skills, keeping to the personal standpoint, time management under deadlines, leadership skills, flexibility, and adaptiveness.
Program details

Starts September 28, 2020

Front-end developer

Front-end developer

  • 4.5 months;
  • 30+ webpages creation, development of the front-end part for 3 websites from the scratch and create a difficult website with your team;
  • Languages and technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React;
  • Product mindset: create projects according to the users` needs and business goals;
  • Soft skills development: the teamwork, presentation skills, keeping to the personal standpoint, time management under deadlines, leadership skills, flexibility, and adaptiveness.
Program details

A programmer job

Start: October 12, 2020

Duration: 28 days


8 000 UAH Online Offline
1 stage IT kick-off

Programming fundamentals (basic knowledge for the beginners)

This stage is created in the marathon format. Students program about 8+ hours per day. They get their tasks once per 2-3 days.

Students will learn:

  • C – the first artificial language that consists of maximum principles and constructions. However, C ++, C #, Java, PHP, Go also have the very similar syntax;
  • UNIX systems basics (shell, Terminal, UNIX utilities, Git, etc. – work with the operating systems);
  • Principles of saving and processing data in the computer;
  • Basic text editors (Vim/Emacs/Nano);
  • Writing the first simple programs and realization of the team IT-project.

After IT kick-off you`ll be able to:

  • Write simple programs that work in a console, or with simple graphical interface;
  • Use already written code using libraries;
  • Work with technical documentation (documents, TDA);
  • Search effectively in Google;
  • Develop such games as Snake, 2048, Pac-Man, Hotline Miami, Labyrinth.

Included: lectures of IT-specialists, businessmen and coaches.

Start: November 2020

Duration: 4.5 months


15 000 UAH Online Offline
2 stage

C language immersion

C language immersion (fundamental programming skills)

  • Refresh marathon C (2 weeks) – IT kick-off knowledge brushing up;
  • libmx (1,5 weeks) – Standard C Library learning;
  • pathfinder (3 weeks) – creation of a program that generates the shortest route between two points, following principles of Google Maps and Uber;
  • uls (3 weeks) – work with file systems;
  • ush (4 weeks) – students write a command shell for the terminal, in which they may implement operations for the operating system functioning;
  • uchat (6 weeks) – students in teams create their messengers, such as Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp

After the 2nd stage you will:

  • Write new programs in C language with the console and graphical interface;
  • Understand client-server architecture and write programs based on it;
  • Understand deeply UN*X operating systems;
  • Know sorting algorithms and create your own algorithms for performing tasks;
  • Create 5 projects;
  • Expect that everyone can call you a programmer. But you still have a little experience and know just the C language basics.

Included: lectures of IT-specialists, businessmen and coaches.

Start: April 2021

Duration: 5 months


19 000 UAH Online Offline
3 stage


Students choose one of the directions:

C ++

  • C++ programming fundamentals;
  • Creation of the client-server apps (a tool for the project management);
  • Quality UI/UX programs creation;
  • Creation of the desktop apps using C++ (a text editor, music player, video editor).


  • Languages & technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React;
  • Work with databases;
  • Work with API (creation of the API server – Laravel, RESTful API, React);
  • Creation of popular services: a calendar for managing meetings, tasks and events; a service for the search and events organization (work with the payment system; graphic design tools).


  • Java programming basics (desktop games);
  • Web-server apps creation (an image pixelation service, an online auction service, a cash budget management service, a social network).


  • Python basics;
  • Data Science;
  • Web services creation;
  • Python scripting;
  • Creation of the programs written with Python;
  • Processing with use of multithreading approaches of Python;
  • Python modules building.


  • Setting up microcontrollers
  • Working with popular interfaces (GPIO, UART, SPI, etc.)
  • Solution development using various peripherals (sensors, LEDs, speakers, etc.)
  • Implementation of scenarios using drives and servos
  • Working with radio modules and developing your own radio protocol
  • Using Ethernet and Wi-Fi modules and mastering network protocols to exchange client data with the server
  • Development of various firmware to solve real problems

Included: lectures of IT-specialists, businessmen and coaches.

Start: September 2021

Duration: 5 months


17 500 UAH Online Offline
4 stage

Personal project or a startup creation

Students grow a project – from the main idea to the final project launch, and act as real startuppers.
They work in teams consisting of 4-5 members.

Except skills of project creation, students will get additional skills in the field of:

  • Competitors analysis;
  • Marketing management;
  • Sales;
  • Investment attraction;
  • A project introduction into the market;
  • Effective employment.
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Front-end developer

Start: September 28, 2020

Duration: 4.5 months


13 500 UAH Online Offline

Front-end Developer

During the program you will:

  • Create and slice web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React;
  • Use computer programming tools:
    • Git – a controlling versions system;
    • Terminal – a CLI program;
    • Basic text editors (Vim/Emacs/Nano);
    • Integrated development frameworks;
    • Team communications services (Slack, Skype, Zoom)
  • Use browser development tools – a set of tools for interaction with web pages technical side;
  • Test websites;
  • Interact with API (Application Programming Interface) – exchange information and data between apps using requests.

Front-end program consists of 5 sessions:

Session 1 (4 weeks)

  • Warm-up challenge — this activity helps students to get basic knowledges and adapt; 
  • 1 week. Basic programmer tools (Bash/Shell, Terminal, Versions Control (Git), Browser Developer Tools, IDE).
  • 2 weeks. Web interface construction with the HTML & CSS.
  • 1 week. A personal website-portfolio construction (1-2 web pages).

Session 2 (4 weeks)

  • 1 week. The syntax of JavaScript.
  • 1 week. JavaScript, DOM (Document Object Model) and its interaction with the HTML documents.
  • 2 weeks. Front-end development for the online store. Amazon, eBay, ASOS, AliExpress… were made in such way.

Session 3 (5 weeks)

This session starts from the lecture about React library.

  • 2 weeks. JavaScript, API, testing with the Chai and Mocha.
  • 3 weeks. Front-end development  for the already-existing StackOverflow АРІ service. It’s necessary to use React library during this challenge.

Session 4 (4 weeks)

  • Front-end development for the chosen services (promo site or landing page etc). It can be both an existing front-end part analogue and a new front-end app. It’s necessary to use React library during this challenge. 

Session 5 (1 week)

  • Personal projects portfolio and CV creation based on the passed program and the HR expert recommendations.

As a result, you will:

  • Slice 30+ webpages;
  • Develop front-end part for 3 difficult websites;
  • Create a difficult website with your team (3 members).
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Learning mode of the programs

Offline - Kyiv

Study on location at
UNIT.City innovation park

Online - all Ukraine

Remote access to the virtual
learning management system

Why do 90% of our students
study offline?

  • An opportunity to study on a powerful, fast, and modern iMac 27'';
  • Higher effectiveness in task completion and teamwork due live communication;
  • Being able to take a break and relax on campus of UNIT.City;
  • Free gym access;
  • Learning and living within the atmosphere of an IT community.

What will you get with ucode?

  • Career counceling during 16 months program
  • Practical skills required for the IT-sphere
  • Product mindset
  • Soft skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • IT-professional's and businessmen workshops
  • Projects portfolio

Bonuses for our students:

  • A modern campus
    (incl. kitchen, library & play zone)
  • Access to the gym
  • UNIT.City infrastructure

ucode is perfect for:

School & university graduates, students
Career switchers
IT-freelancers, startup dreamers

Requirements for the students

years old
English knowledge
(Intermediate and higher)

ucode IT academy

Kyiv UNIT Factory
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Companies comments

Vasyl Khmelnytsky
UFuture & UNIT.City founder

“In today’s world, up-to-date knowledge and skills, multiplied by teamwork, are of paramount importance to people, countries and companies. That is why we strive to make modern basic IT education accessible in Ukraine. ucode will open up opportunities for you to quickly gain the profession you need and earn a decent living. It’s a core intellectual product in the UNIT.City Innovation Park ecosystem in Kyiv. But in the future, we and our partners plan to scale it not only in Ukraine but also abroad.”

Vitaly Gorovoy
InSoft Partners founder

“In addition to mastering languages and programming techniques, ucode graduates will receive soft skills, effective teamwork skills thanks to peer training, product and entrepreneurial thinking, speeches by practicing IT specialists from leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, a portfolio of more than 10 projects and guaranteed employment.”

ucode partners


What do I need to enroll?

You need enough time for participating in the ucode program – approximately 10 hours per day during the first stage. The level of English should be Intermediate and higher – you will listen to the most influential speakers of the modern IT-world.

At what age can I enter ucode?

Anyone of 16 years old and older can apply.

In case I have other responsibilities (work, studies, etc.), is it possible to combine with ucode program?

The program is very intensive. We recommend you to postpone all the other plans for this period. Suspending them will increase your chances of achieving the goal properly and suitably.

Does the ucode have a state accreditation? What kind of diploma does it issue?

Modern employers do not request higher education, they need passionate professionals who successfully implement projects. Therefore, the traditional diploma is not that valuable in the IT-sphere. Our graduates receive a certificate of completion of the program. But the main results are the knowledge, skills, and experience that will help you to be successful at the IT-sphere .