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Become a universal programmer and build a Team Lead career!

The main feature of the Full Stack developer is a comprehensive approach to the project. He understands how Back-end and Front-end work. As a result, its popularity among employers and wages are growing significantly.

The program was developed in collaboration with ITernal Group. As true professionals in the market, they know what knowledge a Full Stack Developer should have today. The third stage of the program is devoted to practical tasks to prepare for real conditions.

Details and cost

  • Offline on UNIT.City campus (Kyiv)/ Online anywhere in Ukraine Offline on UNIT.City campus (Kyiv)/ Online anywhere in Ukraine
  • 6 projects 6 projects
  • For 16 years old For 16 years old
  • Career guidance Career guidance
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, SQL HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, SQL
  • English English
  • Early booking discount Early booking discount
  • Collaboration with ITernal Group Collaboration with ITernal Group

Start: 22 February

Duration: 9 months

format: online / offline


43 000 UAH

Payment by installments:
10 000 uah / 22 000 uah / 11 000 uah


Stages of study

Intensive Marathon

1 stage (4 weeks)

We study the basics of Front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and Back-end (Node.js, SQL). Let’s write two projects: a calculator and an online game (like hearthstone).

We make pages on HTML;

design pages in CSS;

supplement pages with the interactivity on JavaScript; the server part on Node.js;

interact with databases in SQL.

The main track is Full-Stack

2 stage (5 months)

Let’s learn to create Front-end and Back-end parts of web applications. We will strengthen our knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, and learn React.js, Node.js.

In the end, we will have:

5 projects in its portfolio (server and client part), similar to the StackOverflow service, web calendar (like Google Calendar), service for finding and creating events with the ability to pay online, web service for image editing (like Photoshop, online only).

Ability to connect and maintain online payment on the site.

Experience scaling and merging projects: You integrate one of your projects into another.

Practical track

3 stage (3 months)

Students learn to work in teams, go through the conditions of real work, as in IT companies. They work under the guidance of experienced Project Managers, or Team Leads.

In addition to valuable practical experience, you will know about working with the stack (a set of technologies used to develop real projects).


After the program "Full Stack World", you can become

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer


Number of jobs open on the market: 385

Is a multi-skilled programmer. He works both with front-end (design of interfaces for websites, apps, etc.) and back-end (a website maintenance “on the other side of the screen”). This programmer is in demand among IT employers because he can develop a complex product from scratch and work alone instead of 3-4 specialists!

There are several payment methods for your convenience

There are several payment methods for your convenience

  • Payment by Visa and Mastercard
  • Through the service of the Visa payment system
  • Through Google and Apple payment systems
  • Through the Mastercard payment system service
  • Payment by Visa and Mastercard cards via Privat24
  • Payment in cash in the PrivatBank terminal network
  • ПриватБанк
    Payment in 3 installments from PrivatBank if there is a credit limit for the amount of payment
  • Payment in 3 installments from Monobank if there is a credit limit on the payment amount

We teach like Apple and Google

ucode IT academy was the first in Ukraine to introduce an innovative methodology consisting of Challenge Based Learning (CBL) and a peer-to-peer approach. Developer teams of iPhone, Mac OS, AppStore, and others study behind it.

Students both learn, and teach

Students both learn, and teach

When peers explain the material to each other, it helps both of them to understand and write better code. It helps to practice communication skills, and, also, if you’re explaining something, you’re learning that topic more profoundly yourself.

Mistakes are good

Mistakes are good

The mistakes help the student to maintain interest in a subject and to not be afraid to make independent decisions. Thanks to mistakes, interest in understanding the problem increases. The student experience grows.

Focus on one task at a time

Focus on one task at a time

This helps maintain attention on the problem at hand and to understand how to develop a solution. This is good brain training and a skill that will come in handy in the future. The focus keeps students the faster they can complete the task.

Automatic diary

Automatic diary

All actions of the student in the learning program are documented. This helps to analyze and reflect on the result: what went well, and what needs more work.

From simple to complex

From simple to complex

The student will never get lost in the program. The learning process is smooth and the coding skills gradually improve if the tasks are completed on time. At first, it’s just the basics of programming. The further the student goes in the program, the more complex and exciting the tasks become.

Use of technology

Use of technology

The student will have to present results to colleagues, research topics on the internet, gather teams, etc. For this purpose, the student will learn to use modern technological tools.


How can I combine studying at ucode with work or university?

Every student has their own personal schedule, lifestyle, and effective hours.

This is why the academy has no rules about attendance.

The campus works 24 hours a day.

Mode “Systematic light”:

Recommended learning mode
On business days, the student spends 3 hours a day on campus. For example, in the morning 8:00 – 11:00, or in the evening 18:00 – 21:00. On the weekend, 6-10 hours a day. The student has enough time both for university or work and for studying at ucode. In total, that’s 20 hours a week.

Mode “Weekend sprinter”: 

Intensive learning mode
20 hours on the weekend. Business days free for work and family, and on the weekend – you’re learning a new profession.

Mode “Nighttime”: 

Not recommended by the academy
The student arrives at 22:00 at works until 2:00 – 3:00. Only under 5% of ucode students prefer such a routine (warning – bad for health!).

What is the minimum age to join the program?

16 full years.
There are students aged 16 to 56, and we have not yet had to refuse to study due to older age.

* If the age of the prospective student is 16-18 years, a written consent from the parents is required.

What level of English is required for successful completion of the program?

Recommended English language level — Intermediate
All materials, tasks, and interfaces of the education system are provided in English. To test your level, try this test. If your level does not meet the recommendations, contact the ucode team.

Will I receive a diploma upon completion of the program?

Nowadays, employers in the field of IT aren’t interested in papers about graduation from a prestigious university. They’re interested in hiring professionals who successfully implement projects. Therefore, a state diploma is not of great importance in the IT field. Our graduates will receive a certificate of completion of the program. But the main thing is knowledge, skills and experience that will help them find a high-paying job in leading companies.

What payment methods are available to students?

There are several payment methods for your convenience

  • Payment by Visa and Mastercard
  • Through Google and Apple payment systems
  • Payment by Visa and Mastercard cards via Privat24
  • Payment in cash in the PrivatBank terminal network
  • Visa Checkout service
  • Masterpass service
  • Payment in 3 installments from PrivatBank and Monobank if there is a credit limit on the payment amount

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