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Testimonials about the academy

Yurii Lebid

Yurii Lebid ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Yurii Lebid 28.01.2021

Passed the full program from Ucode. Having passed the IoT branch, I got enough knowledge and experience for me to be interested in employers (GlobalLogic). During my studies I met a lot of cool guys, iron enthusiasts. Learned how to solve complicated tasks on my own, and how to solve a problem in a team. Very grateful to Ucode staff


Sasha Stanyslavsky

Sasha Stanyslavsky ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Sasha Stanyslavsky 21.01.2021

ucode is one of the best places I’ve ever been. I entered the very first intake and at the moment I am already doing an internship in one of the companies. Here, in addition to knowledge, I have met a lot of good, smart, and interesting people and made new friends. And if you are lucky you can meet business partners) It’s exactly the place where you wake up in the morning and go with pleasure. And of course, for the sake of what actually all go here – knowledge. Yes, I’m not going to lie, it all depends on you. If you want to learn – you’ll learn, there are all conditions for that. But no one will run after you and make you do the same. Total freedom, effective peer-to-peer training is about ucode. As I said at the moment I already have an internship with one of the companies, you can find my complete training history on the ucode website.


Yaroslav Stepanenko

Yaroslav Stepanenko ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Yaroslav Stepanenko 15.01.2021

Enrolled in August 2019 in the C Track program and then in the direction of web development. Chose this place because of the unique training system. Currently working as a front-end developer. The place is very cool and comfortable)) The community is very friendly and helpful. Most of all I liked the method of training. At that time I was studying at the university and it was unusual for me, but it turned out to be very effective). I met and made friends with a lot of good people here)). The place is very inspiring.


Tatyana Rogalskaya

Tatyana Rogalskaya ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Tatyana Rogalskaya 08.01.2021

Ucode is a fairly good program, which by its methods is close to the real conditions at work. The training is based on Challenge Based Learning. The intensity is very high, if you try hard and spend your nerves and health, you can squeeze 2-3-4 years program of regular courses or universities into one year here, but you have to work really hard 💪😌. Gives in-depth knowledge of programming from the very basics. Programs were developed by partner companies in today’s IT market. I’ve been studying the program for a year and have a very positive impression) not the least plus that ucode is also a community, here you get free gym, mafia on Thu and Fri, table tennis and volleyball tournaments, consoles, free seminars and meetings, constant entertaining events, English courses and much more) join in, it will be fun 😉


Alius et idem

Alius et idem ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Alius et idem 03.01.2021

Ucode, те що залишиться назавжди в моєму серці, хочу розповісти свою історію, моє навчання в коледжі та моє життя поза ним і не думало змінюватись, вже два роки в коледжі і мій 17 рік життя як мені здавалось ішов шкереберть, та тут з’явився промінь надії, мій друг анонім з того самого коледжу розповів мені про тоді ще unit factory, саме в той момент ми і наш спільний друг спробували пройти тест на навчання в цьому закладі, однак ми туди не пройшли і це нас не засмутило тому що нас запрошували в Ucode IT Academy, звісно ми погодились і почали там навчатись, ніколи до цього я так не навчався, нічого не розуміючи без вчителів тільки з друзями та новими знайомствами я почав розуміти, та допомагати іншим, також мені допомогла мотивації від одних з найкращих людей які називають своє угрупування ucode team, з часом я почав почувати себе як дома, люди яких бачив кожен день гріли серце, що разу нова інформація яку ти шукаєш і тільки й чекаєш, щоб комусь розповісти, ігри в мафію ( людям з схильністю до залежності не грати ), перегляд фільмів та інші івенти стали моїм життям на цілий рік і буде ним впродовж 5 місцях, отож хочу запросити людей які не знають чого хочуть або знають що хочуть програмувати в ucode IT Academy, наша спільнота завжди рада новим адептам, а особливо гравцям в мафію 🙂 люблю ucode ❤️❤️❤️


Alex Afanasiev

Alex Afanasiev ratingratingratingratingrating

Source Reviews Alex Afanasiev 02.01.2021

Went here in July 2019. Went through a C language marathon. It was a little hard, because the high pace and daily assignments were very exhausting. It was also a lot of fun doing group projects together with the guys. For a long time I haven’t felt such a buzz from studying. In the fall I already went to the main course, did all the projects with my own hands, and somehow combined it with my studies. After quarantine, in autumn I got an internship at Dragon’s Lake as a C++/UE4 Developer. Now I’m learning the game engine and making first drafts of future projects. Most of all I enjoyed playing mafia and being in constant communication with other students and finding ways to solve problems. This place is very suitable for those who are able to learn on their own without constant kicking in the soft spot. I wish strength and good luck to those who decided to go here)